Warranty Information

Three Year Limited Lifetime Warranty Info

All ZILR product warranty applies to and extend for the three year limited lifetime of the customer that purchased the product or received the product as new as a gift and is not transferable.

Products are warranted to be free from material defects in material and craftsmanship when returning the product for inspection with our instructions. This warranty does not cover damages as a result from accidents, misuse, abuse, unauthorized modifications, improper care, or cosmetic damages that may occur due to normal wear and tear of the product over time. The warranty and any claims will be void if the product has been tampered with in any way. We also reserve the right at any time to make changes in design, manufacturing processes, materials and specifications without obligation to notify any individual or entity.

The product warranty does not cover, and at no stage do we have any liability to you for, theft, loss, or any incidental or consequential damages caused by using the product.

We respect your specific legal rights this warranty provides and depending on the location where you live you may also have other rights. We do not make any other warranty regarding our products, and we disclaim all other warranties, statutory or implied, express, including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or arising from course of dealing or trade usage. This constitutes your sole and exclusive remedy, and our sole and exclusive liability, for breach of this warranty.

Product Returns

If your ZILR product fails under normal usage, please use the form below to submit a warranty claim and our support team will provide information on how to return the defective product. All returns will require a proof of purchase as requests without proof of purchase can not be processed. Customers are fully responsible for shipping and handling charges for exchanges. We also do not cover the cost of shipping, insurance or any other import fees, duties and taxes for the products that are being returned. If we find the product to be defective after inspection, then will we at our discretion repair or replace the defective product with same or a substitute equivalent that may not be of the like kind (depending on availability). In the event we cannot provide you with the same returned product as a replacement, we will notify you and ensure you agree with the replacement product.